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[2019-03-25] Kiekert AG Executive Vice President Purchasing Ms. Stephanie Regal Visited HXG
On March 21st, Kiekert AG executive vice president purchasing Ms. Stephanie Regal and Kiekert Changshu purchasing manager Mr. Robert Wang came to visit HXG. HXG held a welcome ceremony for Ms. Regal, and intro...
[2018-05-04] HXG Won “Magna Closures 2017 Best Cooperation Award”
Spring is the season to accelerate the pace of efforts. Magna Closures China held “2017 Suppliers’ Conference” with over 200 suppliers invited. General Manager Mr. Hou Jibin and Quality Manager Mr. Jia Baosong ...
[2018-05-04] Shoulder New Mission and Go on New Journey - General Party Branch Held a Meeting to Learn the Guiding Principles of the Ninth Conference of Staff Representatives of the Seventh Session
On 16th March, the General Party Branch held a meeting to learn the Guiding Principles of the Ninth Conference of Staff Representatives of the Seventh Session. All middle-level cadres attended the meeting pres...
[2018-05-04] HXG Held the First Quarter WSC Meeting
On 7th February, HXG held the first quarter Work Safety Committee meeting(WSC). All meddle-level cadres attended the meeting presided by Safety Department Manager Mr. Xiao Hongwei.Mr. Xiao gave a summary report...
[2018-05-04] Technical and Quality Department Party Branch Learnt to Implement the Principles of Nineteenth CPC National Congress
On 5th December, the technical and quality department party branch held a branch party meeting to learn the principles conveyed in the 19TH CPC National Congress. The chair of supervision board, Mr. Ma Haosheng...
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