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HXG Won “Magna Closures 2017 Best Cooperation Award”

Spring is the season to accelerate the pace of efforts. Magna Closures China held “2017 Suppliers’ Conference” with over 200 suppliers invited. General Manager Mr. Hou Jibin and Quality Manager Mr. Jia Baosong attended the meeting. Mr. Hou was also invited to the core suppliers’ meeting.

At the meeting, HXG won the “Magna Closures 2017 Best Cooperation Award”, and was listed as a core supplier of Magna Closures. This is the second award we’ve won after last year’s “Best Improvement Award”. The success doesn’t come easily.

In the last year, with the efforts of all staffs, HXG got the highest “L1” level by its performance with total 94.4 points. This is the best performance we’ve got since we began to supply Magna.

It’s not an easy way to go over the year 2017. HXG ensured on-time delivery, tried proactively to get new projects and continually improved the product quality, with total annual sales revenue 13 million RMB. Besides, HXG got 11 more projects with total contract value 10.73 million, which will contribute 22 million RMB to company’s total sales revenue in 2018.

It’s the time we set sail. As a core supplier of Magna, HXG is confident to gain more projects and moving forwards to the “100 million sales target” in Magna, which will lay a solid market foundation for HXG’s sustainable development.