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HXG Held the First Quarter WSC Meeting

On 7th February, HXG held the first quarter Work Safety Committee meeting(WSC). All meddle-level cadres attended the meeting presided by Safety Department Manager Mr. Xiao Hongwei.

Mr. Xiao gave a summary report on the work safety in 2017, and made an arrangement for the work in the new year.

Secretary of the General Party Branch Mr. Lu Xianli conveyed the main points in the work safety in 2018 and led the attendees to learn the “Thirty Potential Safety Risks”.

In the end, general manager Mr. Hou Jibin emphasized the importance of the work safety: first, all units should learn the spirits of HNXG WSC Meeting; second, take measures to prevent the risks according to the “Thirty Potential Safety Risks”; third, check the work safety cautiously before Chinese Spring Festival; last, if there was need to work overtime, the managers in charge must be on duty.