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Technical and Quality Department Party Branch Learnt to Implement the Principles of Nineteenth CPC National Congress

On 5th December, the technical and quality department party branch held a branch party meeting to learn the principles conveyed in the 19TH CPC National Congress. The chair of supervision board, Mr. Ma Haosheng, vice general manager and the secretary of general party branch, Mr. Lu Xianli and vice general manager Li Wenxu attended the meeting. Secretary of the party branch Mr. Wang Zhanfeng presided at the meeting.

At the meeting, under the leadership of Mr. Wang, the party members learnt about the new revised Constitution of the Communist Party of China and Warning Education,  Mr. Wang made an arrangement for the party works, and the members expressed their feelings freely according to their own experience. This meeting enhanced study and communication across party members and also laid a solid foundation for accomplishing the tasks in the future.